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The Fluke multimeter combines the accuracy and dependability of a Fluke digital multimeter with the measurement of an RMS AC/DC current clamp meter, all in a compact package that fits in your hand. With the ability to measure temperatures, currents, continuity, frequencies, and voltage—all with one tool—the Fluke multimeter can do it all. Whether you’re working on construction sites or testing electrical equipment in the lab, you need a meter you can count on. That’s why more professionals rely on Fluke than any other brand.

Whether you’re testing electrical systems, troubleshooting automated machinery, or just making sure that last night’s dinner didn’t short out your toaster, a Fluke multimeter is an essential part of any home toolkit. With dozens of tools in one meter, Flukes have long been one of the most trusted brand names in the electronics industry. Pick up a new one today and get back to work!

No matter where you work, you’re going to need a multimeter that’s ready for anything. The Fluke is the only meter that can measure every important value with one tool. It’s not just versatile; it’s also accurate and dependable.

When it comes to electrical wiring, you need the most reliable measure of power. That’s why we re-developed our Fluke multimeter to make sure the only test failures you see aren’t in your own wiring.

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